Odorless All Day Comfort Socks

Travel gear is typically a mixed bag. They work great for hiking or camping thanks to their ability to absorb sweat and still keep your feet dry and warm, but they can also keep your feet comfy indoors, replacing slippers or making your evenings on the couch with a good book particularly cozy.
Wool socks absorb the moisture of your feet, they are perfect insulators (even when wet), wool dries quicker than other fabrics, they have anti-bacterial properties naturally in them which make them resistant to odors, so they can be worn multiple times prior to a washing.

My biggest gripe about socks is that the stitching sometimes goes along the front of the toes and that is like nails on a chalkboard for me. These, as you can see are stitched along the top of the sock and do not have big knots at the side of pinky or big toe so there are no pressure points on these socks (I am neurotic about socks and shirt tags).
If you're in the market for ankle socks, it means that you already have a good idea of what it means to wear them and how comfortable they can be. Unlike traditional socks which demand a certain vestimentary standard, ankle socks can be worn with all types of attire and with almost no consideration to interfering with fashion trends.
However, a quality pair of socks should not show signs of wear after a few washes, and you should be able to get at least a few months to a year of use out of any pair that haven't suffered mechanical damage such as tearing that happened outside the washing process.

FreshIQ™ advanced odor protection technology attacks the odor-causing bacteria in your clothing that causes your underwear and socks to smell — so now you can feel fresh all day. After all, some folks may use these socks during a marathon but we tend to sweat as much by just strolling to the grocery store two streets down the block.
Thankfully, a sock's softness is something you can feel before trying them on. However, the fit is also a huge determiner of comfort and to check that you'll need to take the socks for a test drive. The socks feel thicker than what I usually wear, but they're comfortable and are a good length for the shoes I typically wear.
Bamboo socks combine comfortability and longevity all into one stylish package. All it comes down to is finding the socks with the right balance between comfort and thickness. Sometimes, mostly between November and February, I wear the same pair of socks for several days in a row.

They are marketed as basketball socks as well because of their high rise and define-but they are phenomenal running socks as well, especially for those of you dealing with excessively sweaty feet. The only real issue is that vegetation (tall grass, bushes) can sometimes scratch your ankles given the lack of protection derived from wearing socks that only cover the feet.
Soggy socks however, quickly cause foot odor (bromhidrosis). So the socks still feel fairly dry - even when wet. Since wool is a natural and biological material, it is naturally Odorless All Day Comfort Socks on Kickstarter equipped with soothing breathability that hastens moisture vaporization in addition to being a pure antimicrobial, the element within which eliminates odor-producing bacteria.
Keep both the thickness of the sock and the shoe you're going to wear it with in mind when shopping. Although you already have something to help support the sweaty smell of the rest of your body, your deodorant , and antiperspirant you still need something to help keep the odor away from your feet.

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